Dylan Joseph Walsh

Full Stack Web Developer


Fully versed in technologies associated with the creation of actionable and beautiful websites. [Below skills list is not comprehensive.]

The Basics:

HTML5 CSS3 JS/JQuery Sass Angular Node

Js Libraries:

Three.js Paper.js Fabric.js


Photoshop Sketch


Ruby Magento Electron

dylan joseph walsh web developer
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My Work

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Dylan Walsh Web Design 3d Cube

Surreal Eyewear

Surreal Eyewear Header
Surreal Eyewear Header

Client: Surreal Eyewear

Role: Front-End Developer

Team: 3

Skill Set:

Surreal Eyewear Skillset

Complete redesign for SoHo eyewear boutique Surreal built in WordPress. Primarily responsible for the Front-End asset presentation, worked with a designer and a back-end developer in an agile work environment to produce this sharp, distinct presentation.

Swan Asset

Dylan Walsh Web Design 3d Cube Swan Asset Management
Swan Asset Management Header

Client: Swan AM

Role: Developer/Designer

Team: 2

Skill Set:

Swan Asset Management Skillset

Built site in conjunction with consulting on the overall rebranding initiative including production of new logo, copy, and brand colors. All work was completed within the framework of strict fiduciary responsibilities associated with the industry—requiring nuance and expert communication with the client.

Dylan Walsh Web Design 3d Cube

Salon & Spa Pass

Salon and Spa Pass Header

Client: Salon & Spa Pass

Role: Wordpress Dev

Team: 1

Skill Set:

Surreal Eyewear Skillset

Joined when project was 70% completed as a ringer to finish what other developers started, requiring a keen ability to learn others' code quickly and build off it with efficiency and rigor. Created a late game style guide to ensure consistent polish across the site and implemented various UX changes to grab new users for this promising start-up.


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